Top 5 Supplì in southern Rome

Supplì is one of the most popular fast food in Rome, you haven’t been here untill you eat it !!!

Supplì: “the rice ball” (named from the French surprise) was a poor dish originally made with chicken giblets. With the growth of living standards in 900 people began to prepare supplì with ground meat and when they added a cube of mozzarella inside the supplì they began to speak of the “Supplì al telefono” (rice balls on the phone) that can be found in almost all the pizzerias in Rome.

It is said “on the phone why” supplì should be eaten hot and once opened, if the mozzarella is good, it forms a wire between the two halves making it look like just a phone.

The best rice balls in our area (homemade, of course!) are:

Pizzeria da Peppe e Ciccio (pizza a taglo + calzoni al forno + filled pizza ) traditional supplì and Calabrian’s style with ‘Nduja – Via degli Opimiani, 8

– La Piazzetta Quadraro – Trattoria Pizzeria a family run restaurant and pizzeria right down Martini Bed is really popular among our guests.

– La casa del suppli – Sisini, piazza Re di Roma 20… it’s a pizza by the slice and rotisserie… the name says it all !!! After this suppli don’t miss a Tiramisù at Pompi ( via Albalonga ) 

– Sforno – Pizzeria ristorante – Via Statilio Ottato, 110/116

La mejo pizza del Quadraro – via del Quadraro 34 a, if you reach this typical “pizza al taglio” in the morning don’t miss our fruit and vegetables market just in front of you!


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