Bus 520, new link Metro A – Ciampino Airport

The new bus connecting Ciampino Airport with Rome is now available.

Managed by ATAC it costs only € 1,5 and the ticket can be used for a metro journey too !!!

BUS 520 is available everyday 5.30 AM to 11.30 PM (departures every 20 minutes) and connects the 2 metro stops Subaugusta and Cinecittà with Ciampino Airport.

To buy ATAC ticket at the airport:

• you can use the 2 ticket machines

• at Tourist Information Point (PIT);

• Chef Express restaurant.

There are other options available to reach Roma from Ciampino Airport such as ATRAL Bus which connecting the airport to metro A stop Anagnina and the private companies connecting the Airport to Termini central station such as www.sitbusshuttle.it , www.terravision.eu , www.romeairportbus.com .

ATAC (cheapest option to reach Rome) and ATRAL (ticket € 1,2 available on the bus) will ensure a faster and shorter link to Martini Bed, so please avoid private companies to reach us.

More info can be found on www.atac.roma.it.

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