Lago di Nemi

Nemi è un piccolo paese dei Castelli Romani a soli 40 km da Roma.

Il Lago di Nemi è un’attrazione naturale ben visibile da Nemi e da lì raggiungibile a piedi. Il lago è accessibile anche con l’auto da Genzano che è un altro paesino che sorge sul lago e si trova sulla via Appia Nuova subito dopo Ariccia.

Il Lago di Nemi è un lago vulcanico, più piccolo del vicino lago di Albano ma molto più caratteristico grazie alla vegetazione, al pesce Coregone che vive solo qui, al suo valore storico e al culto di Diana.

Nemi era un luogo sacro per i Romani ai quali piaceva passare l’estate qui. Per questo motivo sono stat

Nevertheless, it was a holiday site for Romans, who enjoyed to spend the summer here. That is the reason why nowadays several objects from ancient Romans have been found, especially two ships which were probably used by Romans to have fun simulating ship battles or just eating and refreshing during summer. The big boats were retrieved during the Fascism age. The story and the description of the huge work is showed in the Roman Ships Museum, situated nearby the lake.

For sure the most attractive part of the lake is not the use that Romans made of it, but the naturalistic surrounding, which is rare to see within a short distance from the city, and the atmosphere you can breath, together with the extraordinary gastronomic tradition of the area, which for sure deserves a visit and a meal.

The Lake is also a speleological attraction and many associations organize visits to the artificial emissary of the lake which connect Nemi Lake to Albano Lake and was probably builted before Romans to regulate the water level of the lake. We kindly recommend to don’t enter the tunnel without an expert guide!

About meal, there is only one restaurant on the lake, La Fiocina. It seems really chic but prices are normal and some tables have great view on the lake. Pasta al Coregone (Silverside fish of Nemi Lake) is a must in this restaurant!

To find more restaurants in the area you should reach Genzano or Nemi which are the two small town over the lake. Traditional foods of the area are meat based but it’s always possible to find something good for vegetarians. The lake is also famous for the cultivation of wild strawberries (fragoline di Nemi), taste them with Maraschino liquor or ice-cream, amazing!

Our tip for a budget visit to Nemi Lake is to bring with you a “panino con porchetta” and have a nice picnic over the lake.

Unfortunately the beach is really small and specially in summertime it is difficult to find a place on it.

How to reach Nemi Lake:

By car is the easiest way, from Martini Bed take via Appia Nuova and reach Genzano, from there ask for the lake or follow Nemi direction to reach the town of Nemi and see the lake from the top or reach it throught Diana’s Temple walking path.

By public transportation it’s a bit difficult but not impossible. Reach Anagnina bus terminal and take a COTRAL bus to Genzano (Final destination Latina or Velletri or Cori) stop at Piazza IV Novembre and take the bus for Nemi. Once in Nemi ask for “Sentiero del Tempio di Diana” and walk for 2 km. It is also possible to reach the lake from Genzano but the road could be trafficked and not safe for walking.

By bicycle is hard, the guy sleeping in the picture it’s me after cycling there! You can ask us for detailed information.


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