Via Tuscolana, the cheapest shopping in Rome

If you want to buy fashionable clothes and save money you should have a walk on via Tuscolana. The shopping area of via Tuscolana starts here @ Martini Bed, from metro station Porta Furba Quadraro to metro station Subaugusta, the clothes shop area includes underground stations Numidio Quadrato, Lucio Sestio and Giulio Agricola. There are thousands of nice clothes shops that are cheaper then the city centre here! Why spend a lot of money to buy clothes in the city centre? Start a nice walk on via Tuscolana from our B&B and save money, walk among the Romans and discover the latest fashion trends. Via Tuscolana is a real open air shopping centre and the people of the area call it “lo struscio” that probably means “evening stroll” but it’s really hard to translate. After Subaugusta metro station there is also a shopping mall called “Cinecittà 2” (since it is near the Cinecittà studios). You won’t find tourists there, while it’s very popular among locals! 

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