How to reach Albano lake by bike

Our favorite bicycle ride in Rome leaves the Eternal City at Martini Bed and arrives at Albano lake, mostly passing along the Old Appian Way’s ruins.

This itinerary is for well trained cyclists who want to discover Castel Gandolfo Lake’s beauties by mountain bike.

Lenght : from 45 to 55 Km it depends on you wanting to have a round trip of the lake (highly recommended!)

Bicycle type: MTB

Once you leave the B&B you will pass along the Tor Fiscale Park.

This small and tiny park is the entrance to the Old Appian Way Regional Park from the Tuscolana area and metro stop Porta Furba Quadraro.

In the park 2 ancient aqueducts cross each other at the medieval tower, the “Torre del Fiscale”.

The “Acquedotto Felice” was rebuilted by Pope Sisto the 5th in between 1585 and 1590 on the”Acquedotto Marcio” ‘s ruins and it is the better conserved one.

The rest of the “Acquedotto Claudio” are 100 mt far from the Felice Aqueduct.

The area between the two aqueducts is also known as “Campus Barbaricus”. Barbaric camp was a 22000 sm area in which  7000 Goti’s army soldiers stayed for long time, using it as a military camp to conquer Rome in 537 a.C.

Goti cutted the Marcio’s and Claudio’s aqueducts and controlled a huge are over “via Latina” and “via Appia”

Keep cycling along Felice aqueduct toward the Tower, on the aqueduct it is still possible to see the rests of poor houses built on it after the second world war. People of the area moved in the 70’s.

The “Fiscale” Tower is a medieval check point.

From the tower you have to follow a narrow rough path passing under the railway and another bridge, arriving at the Aqueducts Park.

This area is famous for the rests of 7 aqueducts (both Papal and Roman) and it was the setting of many popular movies such as La dolce vita, Mamma Roma, Il marchese del Grillo, La grande bellezza.

Going to the right side of the park you will find via Appio Claudio, follow this road until the end, after drinking and refilling water at the fountain cross the street pushing the bike.


Once you cross the street ride Appia Pignatelli and turn at the first on the left (there are direction indicating Appia Country Club) follow the street and arrive at via Appia Antica, do you see a mountain? That one is Albano!!!

Cycle the Old Appian Way until its end where it’s better to stop and take some water from the fountain, it’s sparkling!

end of appia antica

Now you have to cycle on the street so be careful and check out this two images to understand where to go… keep the right!


After the tunnel you have reached Albano Lake, it is possible to have a round trip of the lake, it’s flat and not so long, only 10 km!

After the round tour or before stop in one of the restaurant along the lake and order a “Panino con la porchetta”, you can eat there or take away and eat along the lake!

Panino con porchetta and beer with Anna on the Castelgandolfo lake


Please note that there is a mistake on the map at the end of the route, it is no possible for Google to pass under the tunnel, bring the lights with you!

Happy cycling!