Vegetarian and vegan in Rome, a practical veggie guide

It is quite easy for vegetarian tourists in Rome to eat cruelty-free even if the typical roman cuisine is largely based on fish/meat dishes.

Some of the most famous recipe are entirely veggy-based, such as the “Carciofi alla Giudia”, which is a fried artichoke that you can eat in most of the typical roman “tavernas”, or meat-free, such as the famous “cacio e pepe” pasta, which contains cheese but not meat or fish.

Vegetarians in Rome can always pick up from “contorni” list in every typical trattoria, here it’s possible to find some of meatless roman speciality like  sauteed chicory (cicoria ripassata), or “puntarelle” (ask them without anchovy sauce, try them with vinaigrette ), cauliflower cooked in wine (cavolfiore affogato al vino), sweet and sour onions (cipolline in agrodolce).

In any cases, vegetarians can always go to almost any pizzeria in the city and order a simple “Margherita”, or “Funghi” (champignon, truffles, Porcini), or “Vegetariana” , and you can enjoy a cheap and tasty veggie dinner, even if you are with people who are not vegetarian and who would like to eat other food.

Some of the tastiest cheap street food in Rome are vegetarian too, but it’s always better to ask the ingredients of what you eat, here in Italy some old people think that a fried pumpkin flower filled with mozzarella and an anchovy is a vegetarian dish, ask also for the popular supplì, in same cases there is meat inside but many pizzerias are now making vegetarian supplì like “cacio e pepe” one or with mushrooms, chickpeas, green peas, lentils or pesto. We strongly recommend Pizzeria da Peppe e Ciccio for vegan supplì in Martini Bed area

There are many international restaurant and fast food in Rome, Indian cuisine is veg friendly and there are many Indian restaurant and fast food in Piazza Vittorio area, we suggest the EUR 5 lunch menù at Himalaya’s Kashmir.

If in rush or late in the night even the popular “Kebab” has his vegetarian version made with felafel, at Arco di Travertino metro stop which is only one stop far from Martini Bed there is the popular Ali Babà both restaurant and fast food

Many “Centro Sociale” in Rome are veggie friendly and most of the time really cheap, we strongly recommend Forte Prenestino in Centocelle area on Thursday for the best vegan dinner in town.

To eat fresh fruit and vegetables is important and could be the occasion to discover a real roman fruit and vegetables market once here, in our area one of the best is Tuscolano III .

Nevertheless, if you still want to eat in a real vegetarian/vegan restaurant, in order to feel more comfortable with your lunch or dinner, in Rome you will find some of the best places to eat cruelty-free, with an eye to the source of the ingredients, which are most of them organic or local.

Here you can find some of the best veggie restaurants / bistrot / fast food in Rome

Martini Bed area

Veggie Days 

Vegan fast food open daily from 10.00 am to 23.30 except Sunday. Vegan Burger and Hot Dog, Piadine, Sandwich and Salads, cous cous, paella, Seitan, Goulash,Soups and Quinoa. All products are 100% Bio.

Via Tuscolana, 924 Tel 06 7690 4531

Tolleranza 0

Take-away food, with some small table if you want to eat there, this is the place where you can find some typical vegetarian or gluten-free meals. Even though they also cook not-vegetarian an gluten dishes, they avoid any contamination, so it is ethic for vegetarian people to eat there, as it is safe for celiac ones.The place is very intimate and the prices are low.

Via Tuscolana 1388/B tel. +390689016749

Southern Rome

San Lorenzo area:

Un Punto Macrobiotico

They sell ​​and cook only products which they know origin, provenance and history from the time of planting until their kitchen. This kind of place is also popular for those with eating problems or health. The place il peaceful and not noisy.They prefer, of course, fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals and fish. They do not use meat. Like all food philosophies they have their reasons and will happy to explain why. Not vegetarian, not vegan, not hyper or hypo something they are macrobiotic. The prices are relatively low (especially if you decide to pay the membership fee). The mixed plate, for example, consists of two types of different flavored cereals, two different types of vegetables, in the center of a legume or a fish dish, and costs up to 4 or 8 euro.In short, you do not eat the tastiest dishes ever but surely you can eat good things, in the sense of health. For them health comes first!

Via dei Volsci, 121, 00185 Roma, Italia 06 49382279

Pigneto area:

So What?

Situated in the souther part of the city, this restaurant is a must try for every vegan or vegetarian person who lives in the city. The menu is extremely original, the dishes are tasty, and the atmosphere is young and fashionable. You can eat there for lunch as well as for dinner, and the prices are quite low,comparing to the other vegetarian places.

Via Ettore Giovenale 56-58 tel. +393298265250

Centocelle area:


Small but cozy place where you can taste some yummy vegetarian burgers, fried chips and other delicious menu made with 100% vegetarian ingredients.

They also serve artigianal beer in the shop!

Via delle Palme 31 tel. +393202657259

City centre:

Via Giulia area


This vegan products shops is also a fantastic restaurant, where you can taste some delicious and original recipe created by the chef using healthy and raw ingredients. It is located in the city centre, so you can go there to eat after a long day of walking through the ancient wonders of our city.

Via Acciaioli 13 tel. 0668804282

Spagna metro stop area


Small restaurant and Biomarket. Great take away service for a picnic lunch in the beautiful Villa Borghese. All products are organic and vegan.

Via Francesco Crispi 80, 00187 Roma, Italia 0642014040

Ottaviano metro stop area


Fa-bio is a small organic fast food ideal for a quick vegetarian lunch around St. Peter. Born in 2010 from an idea of Fabio and Claudio, in 20 square meters of friendly and relaxed atmosphere, you can enjoy every day salads, sandwiches, baguettes, extracts and fresh fruit smoothies, all freshly made up using only organic products.

Via Germanico, 43 – 00192 Roma – Tel. 0664525810

Navona square area

Vegafood “Vegetarian Urban Food”

A tiny but nice place, clean, relaxing and welcoming. The dishes offered by chef Shubrata to VegaFood are typical of millenary Ayurvedic tradition the pleasures and benefits of this kitchen are explicated in the courses he often holds.

Via Monte Giordano 1  Ph. 06 68192847

Monti area

Grezzo – raw chocolate

This absolutely high quality pastry shop is located in Rione Monti, which is a typical old-fashioned neighborhood in the centre of the city. Their philosophy of food is based on a raw vegan view of the cuisine, which always contains genuine and biological ingredients. The shop is dedicated to sweets and cakes, most of them containing chocolate as main ingredient. You can also taste a absolutely amazing ice cream, made with no milk nor eggs, perfect for vegans.

it is also gluten free, so is suitable also for celiac.

Via URBANA 130 (Monti) 00184 TEL 06.483443

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