Vintage shopping Itineraries

Looking for vintage shopping ? Interested in retro clothes and accessories?  Rome is the right city with the best vintage clothing stores at all and it’s the perfect destination for vintage shopping lovers like you! With a pair of comfortable shoes the vintage side of Rome will reveal to you. This vintage shopping itinerary crossed Rione Monti, Via del Governo Vecchio and Rione Trastevere and may be conducted primarily on foot and by public transport. This one day shopping excursion takes places in several neighborhoods of Rome but in case of short term stay in Rome you can custom the tour itinerary, tailoring it specifically to your interests, needs, and budget.

Pifebo is always a stopover when strolling in the Rione Monti district. It is located in Via dei Valeri 10, easily reach from Martini Bed by metro A. The atmosphere is bohemian, the music is good and the selection is great both for men and women. An exhibition space of 300 square meters, divided into rooms, ranging from reptile handbags rooms to those one in which the goods could be bought for 15 Euros per kilo. If you fall in love with this place, remember that it is only the last arrived in order of time. Pifebo is also present in Via dei Volsci 101 / b in San Lorenzo and in Via dei Serpenti 141.

As others possible stops in Rione Monti should be included King Size Vintage Shopin Via del Boschetto 94 and in Via del Boschetto 140.
King Size Vintage opened in Rione Monti in 2012 and after closing his location in the students’ area of San Lorenzo has renewed his stored making it bigger. The new shop is beautifully done and browsing is fun cause the owners have resisted the vintage-store temptation of completely cramming it . The focus is on items from ’80 and ’90 and prices are very interesting. Obviously the offer is constantly changing, but colorful silk shirts and leather bags are always there. Stock up on retro and kitsch items from the 60s, 70s and 80s at Pulp. Find inspiration from old Valentino clothing so rare that prices head up! The shop also sells its own brand of vintage style pieces; the owner Fabrizio personally sews and creates many of the clothes. They may be old items that are recondition or even readjusts in a different perspective and a different function, such as sweatshirts of the 70 that have now become tops. Unfortunately the selection of menswear is very poor. But for women this shop is great to bring a touch of “classic” to the wardrobe.

Now head over to Via del Governo Vecchio (behind Piazza Navona) enjoy the famous vintage street. It can get busy and crowded especially on the weekends so go early in the morning if you can. There are many places to make sure you check out first of all the famous Cinzia.  Back in the 80s her shop was a landmark Rockers, Rockabilli, Wavers, etc… today you can find various dresses, military or leather jackets, and other types of clothes, this store is a well stocked shop with a large range of shoes; here you will find every single kind of shoes: sports shoes, pumps and different types of high and low heels.

Cecilia e Omero Via del Governo Vecchio, 110

Twice Vintage Shop Via San Francesco a Ripa 150A

We also want to let you know about via Sannio Market that is a really popular clothes market in Rome, it is open daily from Monday to Saturday from early in the mornig to lunch time. Metro stop for this market is San Giovanni, only four stop from Porta Furba where Martini Bed is located. In via Sannio Market is possible to buy new and old dresses, the vintage area is in the end of the market and if you want if you want to avoid the pushy vendors of new clothing shops it’s better to reach the vintage part of the market walking in the garden out of the market, there is an entrance also there.

Via Sannio is closed on Sunday, do you know why? Because many of the vendors of this historic market also work in Porta Portese Market. Porta Portese is the biggest market in Rome and it takes place every Sunday in the city centre (between viale Trastevere and Tiber River). Here you can find everything not only vintage dresses but also vintage furnitures, bicycles, tools etc. etc.


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