Visit M.U.Ro @ Quadraro

Street Art has been a very important issue  in Rome during  the last years.

Finally, the Eternal City’s Municipality has published a map of the 330 works realized during the past years, download the map here.

M.U.Ro project here in Quadraro area represents one of the first attempt to make a street art open air museum.

The M.U.Ro museum consists in a collection of more then 23 artworks from those artists:

Nicola Alessandrini (Italy) – Jim Avignon (Germany/USA) – Gary Baseman (USA) – Marco About Bevivino (Italy) – Zelda Bomba (France)  – Alberto Corradi (Italy) – Diavù (Italy) – Dilkabear (Kazakistan) – Ron English (USA) – Camilla Falsini (Italia) – Malo Farfan (Mexico) – Massimo Giacon (Italy) – Lucamaleonte (Italy) – Alice Pasquini (Italy) – Paolo Petrangeli (Italy) – Gio Pistone (Italy) – Irene Rinaldi (Italy) – Alessandro Sardella (Italy) – Beau Stanton (USA) – Mr. Thoms (Italy) – Veks Van Hillik – Daniele Tozzi (italy) – Finbarr DAC

There are some guided walking and cycling tours organized by the museum, next dates are here.

We strongly recommend a guided tour but we also want to publish our map to let you discover these artworks alone, check the map here and start discover the magic arts of Quadraro area!

Our free tour starts and ends at Martini Bed!


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