A walk in Rome during the night

A nice walk is the cheapest way to discover a city, here in Rome walking by the night is one of the most outstanding experience to have for free.

Rome is a safe city also by night and it’s not dangerous to walk around even if it is dark. As every big city try not to seem a “tourist”, avoid canvassers and go around with a few money.

Admiring the city during the night will ensure you a pleasant and unforgettable vacation. When the light goes off Rome becomes enlightened by the suffused lights of its monuments, which can turn a simple walk in the street into a breathtaking adventure.

We recommend you few paths to go across, fascinating during the day but unbelievable during the night:

1-From Piazza di Spagna to Colosseum, walking through Trevi Fountain, Campidoglio hill and Fori Imperiali (3 km)

It is possible to reach Piazza della Spagna with the underground line A (Spain), after admiring the “Barcaccia” fountain and the stairway we suggest you go down through Via Propaganda and Via di Sant’Andrea delle Fratte to Largo del Nazareno and then turn left and arrive via del Tritone.These are shopping streets which are highly crowded during the day, but in the night they are absolutely desert, which makes their Renaissance look to stand out more than it does during the day.

Crossed Via del Tritone continue on Via della Stamperia until on the right, recalled by the roar of the Virgin water, you will see the imposing Trevi Fountain that will steal your senses.

After the photo and the toss of the coin continue on Via di S. Vincenzo and then turn right into Via dell’Umiltà until you reach Via del Corso, then turn left.

If you keep on walking through Via del Corso, then you reach Piazza Venezia, with its magnificent Vittoriano monument which is splendidly enlighted for the night. You can also better observe the flame of the “Milite Ignoto”, which never gets extinguished.

After the stunning view of Vittoriano or Altare della Patria (many Romans call it “la macchina da scrive” which means “the typewriter”) go on its right and climb the Campidoglio stairs to reach piazza del Campidoglio where the municipality of Rome is located. Try to lose yourself in the many unforgettable views over the Fori Romani and Coliseum… it’s amazing!

From here you can start walking through the Fori Imperiali, into an amazing walk which will bring you to the Colosseum passing literally in the middle of the Roman history, going across the “fori” (means “squares”) built during the Emperors Age and remained untouched till the modern age.

Then you finally arrive to the Colosseum, stunning when is watched in the night. This beautiful view will make you feel warm inside, even in the colder nights!

From here take back to the Martini Bed with the subway.

Look the map here!

2- A walk across the fountains to reach the Tiber and Circo Massimo (4 km)

No other city has as many fountains as Rome, that is the reason why we think that a night walk of the most famous fountains deserve to be done.

For this walk you can start in Piazza di Spagna (you can reach by Metro A, stop “Spagna”), and here you can find the first fountain which deserves a stop, the famous “Barcaccia” made by Bernini. The fountain represents a boat submerged by decoration, probably inspired by a real boat brought to Piazza di Spagna from Tevere river during a flooding.

Keep on walking you will reach probably the most famous fountain in the world, Fontana di Trevi. there are no words to describe this wonder, that was built in 18th century and since then is calling people from all over the world to see it and to throw a coin, which will make you come back for sure to the city.

The next stop of your walk can be Piazza Navona, a very elegant and joyful square, equipped with tree fountains: the “Four River fountain”, made by Bernini, “Nectun’s fountain” and “Moro’s fountain”.

Finally you arrive in Piazza Mattei, which is small, discreet and less known, but still absolutely wonderful, with its fountain called “Fontana delle Tartarughe”, which is told to be built in one night by the duke Mattei to convince his lover’s father to let him marry the girl.

This story is absolutely not true, but is easy to let your imagination flow to this romantic scenario while you watch the fountain enlighted in the night.

Now ask somebody how to reach the Tiber and walk along the river to the left, on your right the stunning Isola Tiberina and a further on the Circo Massimo on the left.

Read this article about the Aventino Hill and consider if could be better to walk a little more before to reach Circo Massimo metro station to come back home.

See the map


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